Monday, 23 July 2012

Look Good Feel Better

Today I had the special privilege of attending a Look Good Feel Better program. It helped me feel not so alone, as I shared 2 hrs with some beautiful , mostly bald women who recently embarked on the cancer steamroller roller-coaster ....

I start my chemotherapy Friday . It helped me to see life can go on normally albeit with some ruggedness.
It reminded me of how fragile I am feeling, listening to them 'briefly' talk about their current chemo treatment and side effects. On the positive side I still came away feeling better about managing some of the side-effects and ways to help me maintain my self image. It was also fun.

LGFB is a Cosmetic industry community initiative.

 Look Good…Feel Better is a free national community service program dedicated to teaching cancer patients – through hands on experience – techniques to help restore their appearance and self image during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The program was founded and developed by the Australian cosmetic industry in May 1990 and continues to be a wonderful community initiative to this day.  The program is administered through the registered charitable organisation, the Cancer Patients Foundation Ltd.

It begs belief I was just newly married when this program began and I had never heard of it till recently.

We each took home our set of products and many of us tried on and borrowed wigs from the wig library. The coloured wigs were modeled just for fun. I have borrowed a wig too in preparation. I could begin losing my hair as early as 10 days after starting chemo , so in 2 weeks...scary. I 'll show you my wig another day.

Last year Look Good Feel Better ran over 1000 workshops , across Australia in 170 locations. The Cosmetic Industry donated 128,000 products, brand neutral. ie Many different companies contributed $ 3.2 million products. Though targeted at women , they also run workshops for teenagers and men.

Incredibly, over 90,000 women living with cancer have been helped by Look Good Feel Better. My local program has volunteers from local businesses , beauty and hair dressing salons. They gave us practical tips and advice. The website has more practical tips too to help us keep a sense of control over this horrid disease.

Their Patron Kerri-Anne Kennerley, of 3yrs recently embarked on her own cancer journey. If you know someone, chances are you do, please make sure they know about Look Good Feel Better. Watch her talk about it more here.

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Watch Kerri-Anne Kennerley talk about LGFB here