Monday, 16 July 2012

The Good, the bad , the ugly

I lied - there is no good ?

Well , actually it is good ...
  1. to be home in tree change.
  2. Mia, the cat is happy to be home.
  3. Dashi is happy to have a canine buddy - Obi (My 19 yr old's puppy ...who is probably not going to be happy tomorrow when he gets neutered).
  4. to see hubby starting on a little project to make our shed more comfortable - a lounging room for me ( 'cause my Internet wifi won't work in the bedroom and our kitchen/family area is too small)
  5. the noisy little drummers go back to school tomorrow (after a month off) and that makes ME them happy. They were so excited when we bumped into their teacher Ms W at the shops on Saturday.
The Bad -
  1. It has taken me five days to post again, everything feels so different.
  2. I have so much to catch up on and giveaway winners to draw and notify ...
  3. I have many people to thank ; for sending cards, gifts and good wishes. I will  if I haven't yet !
  4. It is harder than I thought I was going to be ...yes I still have my pain in asside drain.
  5. I have so many inappropriate thoughts right now I can't begin to write them down.
    The Ugly -
    1. I feel melodramatic me writing this post.
    2. I know Chemotherapy will save my life , in the long term , but that doesn't mean I like it.
    3. I wasn't expecting the treatment , a poisonous cocktail of 3 (4) intravenous treatment regimes to last for a minimum of  15 -16 months most of way through 2013. (Then another oral medication for 5 years.). I'll write more about this later, maybe.
    4. I feel like I am heading into dangerous territory with no comfortable place to be.
    5. I am not looking forward to being BALD , it will totally announce to everyone I have cancer ! I feel most for the impact on my little boys, at school, and the changes it will bring.
    A lovely blogging friend, Lilly, sent me this quote today , by Jai Pausch - Lilly said she hangs onto this when times are tough.

    - "Even though I may not know what the future holds, I should not give in to the fear of the unknown. I have to trust, I have to have faith."  Jai Pausch
    In other news, I started my vision board today ...