Monday, 4 June 2012

you are telling me this because ...

  • a] It is a "fast food" innovation that will open up new opportunities and deals for Aussie farmers.
  • b] I need a good frying from the Food police (click away now)...
  • c] For a start  - I am not here to convince you to eat more KFC.
  • d] It's menu plan Monday and I need a night off cooking this long weekend and I want to give you a night off cooking
A few weeks ago six 'mummy' bloggers were invited to KFC store in Sydney Airport precinct . I flew down from Western NSW because I was interested ; not for lure of a free lunch. Though, I didn't refuse it .

I honestly tried, and enjoyed, the fresh salad despite claims no one goes to KFC for the salad - it is certainly a menu choice I personally make.

We had been invited because KFC are completely open about the inner operations of their 'restaurants' , ingredients (excluding the 11 secret herbs and spices ) and to hear the back story, from Nikki Lawson, about KFC Australia switching from the use of palm oil to to Australian grown and locally sourced high oliec canola oil~ Hocan

Many times as we have driven from Central West to Sydney, we have gazed at the awe inspiring fields of golden canola.

Canola - Gold
I think it is certainly a move which will help support Australian farming communities. I've noticed local TV has been playing the ad quite often - I rarely watch TV. Local radio has mentioned it too, as many of the farms are in close proximity to us.

The first trial they did in Tasmania in 2010 showed there was no change the taste of the food. It is a healthier option than palm oil too. KFC have also been reducing the use of sodium (salt) with an aggressive salt reduction program across the menu.

KFC will be the main buyer of high oliec canola , having spent the past two years working with 250 Australian farmers to help build a canola industry – from seed to farm to milling.

So it's a win-win - KFC ensures it retains the iconic KFC taste.

I was also impressed by the high standards of quality control, hygiene, storage of fresh raw chicken and other products. The store manager is very hands on, in checking temperatures several times a day.

As well as sourcing mostly 100% Australian produce , KFC also recycle their frying oil - it gets filtered and recycled to third world countries. I not about to bore you with the details.

The Goodification Project is a journey of continuous improvement. KFC realise for most people their product is a treat and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet (in moderation) and one that includes EXERCISE... of course I walked the 1.5 km to the store instead of catching a Taxi.

Nutritional information is available on all menu boards now too, to help you make informed and better choices.

We eat KFC as our choice of fast food option on route from the farm to Sydney or home again. It's my husband's favourite junk food preference.We know our expectations for choice, quality and ease of parking (with a long trailer or caravan a top priority) plus clean rest rooms -will be met !

Given, it is rarely a dinner at home choice, especially since we moved to the country, I'm looking forward to a night off.

In other news I'm also going back to menu planning...

Tuesday - Homemade Chicken drumsticks with homemade chips or Honey Mustard Chicken - steam vegies (WW website -anyone can use this recipe section but not access to 1500 recipes)

Wednesday - Baked pea, ham & oregano rissotto 

Thursday - Meat and Vegie Bolognaise with noodles (sneaky lentils)

Friday -  Trio of soups -  Roasted pumpkin and ginger soup, Tom Yam soup and Chicken and sweet corn soup (We have visitors - I'll share my Tom Yam soup recipe later this week )

Saturday - Homemade wood fired Pizzas
Sunday - Chicken or roasted pumpkin and feta filo parcels or a variation for the small boys ( think healthy chicken sausage rolls with carrot/zucchini/oats)  

Monday- Queen of the house' night off in honour of Long weekend ...
Thanks to KFC, I have a $30 KFC voucher to giveaway. Treat your family or a friend to a free dinner and enjoy a night off cooking.

To enter please leave a comment telling me:

Why you deserve a night (or day) off cooking ?

1. Australian residents only.
2. Giveaway closes Tuesday 12th June ~ 11.59pm 2012.
3. My Little Drummer Boys takes no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage to the voucher sent to the winner - with an expiry of 31/8/2012
4. Winner will be contacted by email and they 5 days to make contact or a new winner will be selected.

DISCLAIMER: I will be reimbursed for my travel expenses to the event, I was not paid for this post or asked to write about it. They are my own personal genuine opinions.