Saturday, 30 June 2012


Seven years ago  - we stood on the threshold - the IVF roller-coaster. I started the stimulation injections the next day, July 1st 2005 and I wrote my first blog post.

Today is a momentous day we (note plural) started our stimulation injections to grow the egg(s) that could become our maybe baby (or babies)

How could I have known one year exactly to the day later !
Six years ago ...we welcomed our little miracles to earth  part 1 and part 2.

Right in the middle of the World Cup at 35 wks and 4 days. 

Five years ago ... a double first birthday celebration
(PS : the photos disappeared off the post and the comments are hidden because of Intense debate)

not the box Mum !

Cute , wooly butts !

Four years ago -the tremendous twos 

Happy birthday Sammy

Happy Birthday Joel

Three years ago - well it was all about the cake !

Plus, I finally got around to making a video montage ...stay tuned for the next three years in a few weeks.

They are still my favourite songs - Let them be little - and Thank God for kids !

Two years ago ...then they were four.

This birthday, my husband was undergoing his own journey with cancer . He was 2.5 weeks into 6 weeks of radiation. It was a very quiet birthday this year.

One year ago -

I am so grateful for my cherubs , every day they are my reason for living. 
They bring magic to every day and sunshine in every smile.