Friday, 29 June 2012

Irrevocable Hands of kindness

This week has been one of my best ever .
I've been overwhelmed, in a good way, by messages of love and support, flowers and chocolates as well as a huge parcel of very thoughtful gifts from dear friends in the blogging community.
I will get around to thanking you properly soon , I am so grateful.

There aren't enough words to thank you all personally.
I've had emails from strangers, or rather - friends I haven't met yet , women who are breast cancer survivors or currently undergoing treatment, offering to answer questions or just have a chat.
Kind, gentle messages across social media.

Countless messages assuring me of prayers, friends offering practical support and of course our families giving us TLC the last 2 weeks.
My husband has been my rock and so caring, under immense stress.
I've been embraced from Dublin to NZ and everywhere in between.
I wish everyone the same measure of support and kindness when they go through difficult periods.

I know it has made me feel stronger , evoking piece of mind and filling my hope tank to the brim.

I have some great quotes and images for my vision board too.
I'm banking on laughter too because have you noticed that when you laugh really hard, you stop thinking about pain, your worries and ... I am sure you can think of more.
People have shared funny images and inspiration on Facebook too.

I feel good in myself. I feel strong , fit and healthy.
I still have one drain in situ, beneath my left axilla (armpit) giving me pain , though the Endone is covering the pain relief well. It's there for a reason probably till Tuesday when I see my surgeon.
My short hair is growing on me - such a difference after 17-18 yrs of longish hair.
Now, I feel daring but can't decide what colour ?

This weekend my littliest miracles will celebrate another trip around the sun. I can't believe - SIX !
They had so many BIG plans to celebrate with their school friends and have been writing invitations for months.
I feel a little disappointment for them. We shall celebrate no less- with cake , fairy bread, chocolate crackles and lollies with their cousins and maybe a few friends . The school party might wait till term 3 commences.

So tell me how kindness touched you this week or share how you lightened the load for someone else ?