Friday, 27 April 2012

Nooks , Hooks and Hammocks

Things I know and or maybe 'I wish I knew then what I know now’

 1.I know my wishful thinking about lazing in The hammock is butt a dream. It's been too windy and cool the last few days despite the filtered sunshine. Really it is you , FB and twitter an excuse.



so I've also been de-cluttering and organising - of course I need hooks


They are just NOT where I want them yet !

3. The SKUBB clothes boxes
– ( with a nifty handle on the side so it's easy to pull out from the shelf) -

fit my
Expedit bookcases PERFECTLY -though hubby is concerned about the white and grubby little boy hands. ( have you entered $150 IKEA giveaway closes 30/4 win the Skubb's and more). 
MORE ! he roared !!

4. The toys won't stay this tidy more than 12hrs - however I'm masterminding a plan to toss them out if not ! {By hook, nook or by crook ~ meaning ~ By whatever means necessary}

5. The ANTONIUS Frame

 is perfect for storing Lego and bulky Duplo in large bottom draw. Yes, it even fits the baseboards which are forever in the way!

I'd like a second Antonius because they stack and we have years of  stepping on collecting Lego ahead of us. (ps  The Lego Games prize has been doubled to 4 games per winner each valued over $126 ). I want the Antonius for my laundry too - because they hide a lot of baggage stuff neatly

5. Inspired by Eden's journey to Africa - {which I would never be brave enough to contemplate} - I am running the tortuous 14km City to Surf with Team World Vision to raise funds for World Vision to help change lives. My goal is $1000 - sponsor me here and I'll get a t -shirt to run in !

If I ever needed motivation to run ...I don't anymore.

  Things I Know 150x150