Friday, 27 April 2012

Grateful for Battery operated Toys ...

Are you among women {like me} who assume they are incapable of  resolving a situation that needs something screwed to fix it ?

Keep your clothes on - I meant - like with a power drill ...

When DH offered to buy me this battery operated device for Mother's day -

(Makita DF330DWXP 10.8V)
I was secretly thrilled and grateful {he would even let me near one}

(yes totally sexist but somewhat true with me )

Once we become inspired to help ourselves , there is no limit to the inspiration we can give other  women.
My husband has quite an array of power tools and he can fix most things - should I abort fail my projects.

I am looking forward to my journey toward self-sufficiency , grateful at least , I will be equipped to try my hand at it.

If not he'll I'll laugh at my mistakes and let him fix them ...might be a way to get things completed quicker !!

Tell me your experiences with cordless hand tools ?

Do you have any tips regarding proper tools, tips, techniques to help inspire me to tackle basic projects on my own ?

I'm also grateful Pinterest has given me a few ideas. That is a post for another day.

Would just buy it because it is pink ?

Ps I'm not allowed to touch it yet and this is not a sponsored post but $10 from the sale goes to NBCF.I'm telling you in case you want one too.