Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Writing on the wall

One of my lessor crushing issues has today been resolved, albeit a first world problem.

Instead of swimming lessons at 5pm Monday for Sam , 4.30pm Wednesday for Joel ...we secured Tuesday at 4pm for both. I am very grateful , learning to swim is important so I accepted it when we enrolled late.

We finish school at 3.25pm . Monday and Wednesday we hang around in town till lessons start. There is no point driving home 25-30 mins only to turn right around and come back.

It made late nights and stressful times trying to fit homework / reading / play and getting dinner on the table. I lost it a couple of times with them being overtired and rambunctious . I was drowning in the chaos of not getting home till after 5.40- 6.20pm. I left home at 2.50pm.

As well the last 5 weeks my husband has been in Sydney 2-3 days a week usually Sunday to Tuesday / Wednesday so I do it all solo. I can't imagine how working families cope with this everyday.

Though they make you pay in full almost 6-7wks in advance , it is surely worth it for reduction in stress.

The centre also gives one parent a free 10 visit gym pass with swimming lessons to be used anytime during the term. I love this bonus.

In other news today I found the download for NSW foundation font. It even has a foundation dot font so letters and words can be traced.

Trying to supervise two at the same stage was tricky, as I watched one the other was usually making an illegible attempt at writing his letters, using texta or pens and sometimes incorrectly. It did not help that the example sound / picture image is not NSW font ...it has a little tail on some letters (cursive)

Sam has one eye patched for 2 hrs a day, after school,
 so he finds it more difficult to stay neat and on task without an example in front of him.

Now I can give them both a practice sheet to begin with and try to establish a better grasp on neatness and learning the correct letter formation.

Download your own here and make your own traceable printables. I also made sight word flash cards using the font. Once installed I could use it in WORD ...foundation regular and foundation dot.

I use 72p font for writing practice and 160p for sight words as large cards 4 to A4 in landscape.

It is exciting seeing them learn to recognise words and begin reading books.

How did/do you help your child with writing skills and learning sight words ?