Sunday, 4 March 2012

Fine on the surface

Lately, I have felt very overwhelmed,  my presence of mind feels crushed by the significance of so many unrelated things.
Despair over things I can't change.
Someone, I love hurting with a dire diagnosis , that strikes so close to me; they are shattered.
Inability to stay on task and complete pressing to do's.

Some things are a mystery to me.

Grief over the fear of losing touch in special friendships is crushing .
I don't think they realise though, or maybe care .
Maybe they are just too busy with life and I should get over it.
I am just sad about it. 

My faith in God , the knowledge that He cares for me and holds together the pieces of my brokenness, keeps me afloat.

An afternoon browsing Pinterest is also food for the soul and brings nothing but a smile.

Source: via Trish on Pinterest