Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I can see clearly now ~ an update

..the rain is gone.

While some days it feels like life is spiraling out of control , it is days like today when you get good news that you can take a step back and see things more clearly.

"May I never miss a sunset or rainbow because I am looking down." Sara June Parker

Negative thinking is unfortunately always a part of life after cancer , even when we go about it without thinking too much about it.

Before we know it , the next appointment is here.
A tumble of feelings that pile up like a train wreck .
Mind games ; I don't want to talk about.

My husband got great news today . It is all good after his last PET scan (last week) - so we are immensely relieved and thankful for his continuing good health *.

Positron emission tomography (PET) is a unique medical imaging procedure that can provide information about how an organ or system in the body is working. PET scans can detect cancer in its early stages, help to monitor cancer treatment and check if the cancer is coming back. PET scans are also used to diagnose and assess conditions of the brain and heart.
Every day , I am thankful for my husband's strength and tenacity. I am grateful we can pause for a moment to just reflect and recognize all that we do have and enjoy it simply for what it is, without thinking about what it is not. We have a future that is filled  hope and promise always, according to our faith. 

In rear vision mirror

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by challenges, by the road we have to travel - a cr@ptastic detour. We do our best to carry on normally. There are miles to go before we can feel reassured... there is no way out but through.

We each hold all the moments of our life in our grasp and what we make it of determines who we are. Every day we hold opportunity or excuses.  
I am still shattered for another family member diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, very recently. While she is very aware of her prognosis , I pray she doesn't lose the fight.

[He had a very rare, malignant tumour removed in April 2010 from his right temple/muscle very close to his facial nerves/skull. Then he had 6 weeks of radiation therapy in June/July 2010. Hub will have ongoing followup for years]

Ps My heart goes out to those affected by the floods across the Eastern States in particular. The rain has stopped here again and we remain unaffected, just with sodden, slippery paddocks, a little flowing creek and slightly fuller water tanks.