Sunday, 11 March 2012

Screwup Saturday and confessions of a diasterchef

Once upon a time there was a Tuesday meme hosted by Bettina ~ on Screwup Tuesday people would blog how they screwed up that week and we would all have a few laughs.

At our own expense mostly.

Yesterday I made Milo muffins . The week before (see above) were perfect and gobbled down quickly.
I thought they were #failsafe - just chuck in all the ingredients - mix - bake !
Voi·la ~ eat  !


Yesterday I had no excuse , all the boys had gone cattle mustering, so I was left to my own de vices.
I had no one to help crack the shell in the bowl eggs  ...and so I totally forgot - until oh - about 5 secs after putting the muffins in the oven to cook !

I had turned around to clean up and saw the egg right in front of me on the bench.

I quickly grabbed them out of the oven , scooped out as much mixture as possible ,  mixed in the egg...then baked them (in new cases).

{It was lucky as much of batter had made it into the muffins as it is so delicious.}

They survived thankfully - it was the muster morning tea too.

On the top - I added Maltesers to half and m & m's to the other half  . The Maltesers were so crunchy and so moreish. The m & m's melted and the colours bled ... the kids didn't care. Due to the missing  eggscapade I forgot to take a picture so I only have last week's one.

I'm just grateful it all worked out in the end because I would have to eat them all myself otherwise :)

What is your #failsafe muffin recipe ? 
When did you last screw up a recipe ?

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