Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chalk it up ...

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I had plans for a little play space project after reading the latest issue of Inside Out magazine.

I was all inspired to Chalk it up and let my boys get creative with chalk.

Finally, we had three dry good weather days in a row to get started.

I also planned to use an old coffee table but that is a project for another day when I can crank up the belt sander with a new sanding belt. It would have involved a bit more preparation. I may use it for a destination board.

Step 1: Choose a tabletop to re purpose - , fill in holes and sand it smooth* or in our case hubby cut a piece of flooring ply to size to fit our existing saved from landfill play table. He sanded the plywood smooth and decided we didn't need to prime it. 

We didn't have to mask our edges but you may have to if you need neat edges.
*If using an old table remove all loose /flaking paint or vanish, and the same applies for glossy or enamel surfaces.

Buy a tin of blackboard paint - available in black or school green (we already had rollers and paint brushes) - we used White Knight because it was what was available .Our project used every drop of the 250mls.

Step 2: Apply First coat - leave it to dry  (Follow the paint tin instructions - we painted in outside in 28 ° - the paint was touch dry as quickly as we applied it almost. (Don't paint above 30 °) 
Of course I had to have helpers :s

Step 3: Re- coat  after 16 hrs
Step 4: Chalk it up 

Black is really hard to photograph

I was amazed how easy and quick it was to create and how great it looked. The boys love it.

PS: This is not a sponsored post - I just loved the idea. Like them on FB here.