Friday 2 December 2011

Limited Edition Giveaway ~ Good on ya Mum !

Growing up, this iconic jingle was one of my favourite along with the Vegiemite jingle.

I remember having our 'Tip Top' bread home delivered every afternoon and if Mum wasn't quick enough we'd finish off half the loaf before dinner time... plain or with a slather of butter & vegiemite

Celebrity Aussie mums Anna Gare (Jnr Masterchef) and Fiona O’Loughlin (Comedian) have partnered with Tip Top to exclusively design the world’s first singing bread bins to celebrate the return of the jingle (after 10 yrs hiatus). The new updated ad even mentions Dad and super multitasking mums.

When opened the unique bespoke Bread bins play the iconic Tip Top® ‘Good on ya Mum’ jingle.

Check out the cute and quirky bread bin designed by Anna!

Anna Gare answered a few quick questions for me ...

Do you think it’s important kids learn to cook?
Yes if we engage our children in the kitchen at a young age it will give them a healthy attitude towards food. Learning to prepare and cook with fresh ingredients will give them a healthy food knowledge and a fantastic set of skills that will last them a life time. It’s great to see so many kids tuning on to cooking shows like MasterChef. Everything on the show is basically made from scratch, - Pasta, mayo, breads etc and all the recipes are available on line. This is a great message and valuable food education - As a result, people of all ages have developed a better understanding of food and creative ways of cooking it.
What are the best qualities of being a mum today?
We are challenged on many levels. We are no longer stuck in the home- we have careers, run businesses, marathons and complex households. Life these days is full of so much variety and many new challenges.

What memories do you have of the Tip Top ‘Good on ya Mum’ jingle from when you were growing up?
Every time mum did something funny or nice for us we would all sing the jingle to her.

Production was limited to 50 bread bins, so be quick , this is a rare opportunity to get your hands on a slice of Tip Top history! With a limited number available - if you miss out on winning you can always buy one at  for only $99.99.

All proceeds from the sale of Anna Gare’s bread bin will go to Ovarian Cancer Australia and all proceeds from the sales of Fiona O’Loughlin’s bread bin will go to Angel Flight.

Top facts around the ‘Good on ya mum’ jingle:
  • ‘Good on ya mum’ has been featured in over 30 adverts from late 1970’s through 80's & 90's..
  • Jingle masters, Geoff and Jenny Ayling from Sydney, originally wrote the track back in the late 1970’s. They have composed over 15,000 jingles for household brands including Play School, Westfield, Tooheys and OneTel.
My DH's niece was in a Tip Top ad about 15yrs ago as a child - she had to eat 3 dozen sandwiches (well take one bite out of each of them).

Would you like to recapture some magic memories (to thank your MUM) - by winning this limited edition singing bread bin designed by Anna  ??

Answer this question  - 

What's your favourite lunchbox memory ?

Note - The winner will chosen based on creativity, humour and originality.

See the new ad on You tube here
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Disclaimer - They are such a strictly limited edition - I didn't even get one :(   but the good news is I have one to giveaway