Saturday 3 December 2011

Virtual Pre Christmas Sales

The day dawned warm and sultry as I shoved my husband out of bed. I wanted to go and donate blood and I had stuff to do...which meant so did he.

As I have mentioned recently we are moving to our farm by the end of January. We have had our home
 for over 6 months  (only 2 months with the new agent ).

It looks like , after much deliberation, our Sydney home will be

unless a last minute buyer ...who we may have got a phone call about today at 1pm, decides to buy our home. Chances are slim to none IMO.

I'd love to keep our home , if we can , because we might be back.

The 1pm phone call started a cleaning and toss everything in boxes, the garage or cupboards tidying frenzy. After much haste another phone was received to say the buyer (husband) had been called into work suddenly (RAAF base).
Boo !

I digress ...during the week I made my first sales in our virtual pre Christmas garage sale via a local Facebook group I've just joined. I sold both  my twins' racing car beds in a few hours (I could have sold them a few times over). One lady came to pick up her's today. The other reneged at the last minute...she suddenly didn't have the money !

Christmas is a popular time to get rid of crap and de-clutter with everyone after bargains or sellers who want more space to leave room for the stuff Santa will bring or the moving house de-clutterers (like me).

So this morning we had also started to sort the garage and get ready to pack non essentials and get the beds out ready for pickup.

After , we heard the potential house buyers weren't coming we collapsed sat down. I still had to message the other lady who wanted the second twin's racing car bed . I booted up my laptop to message the next in line. Hubby had a lie down on the bed.

Then I decided to browse around the garage sale site ...a golden light bulb moment shone. The posts were flying thick and fast - I saw a post on outdoor play toys . I glanced outside and saw the boys outdoor play equipment - $$ . I mentioned $$$ to hubby , then nagged encouraged him to help . Eventually he got off the bed and 'pressure' cleaned it.

I snapped a few pics on the grass, posted it to the Facebook group and within 5 mins I'd held for potential sale sold 4 items - netting us hopefully $150. I even have backup buyers or next in "solds" . I got onto the 2nd in line for the bed too.

I learned from holding that other bed for 5 days to say "NO DEAL " - pickup asap or PASS for the outdoor play equipment. It worked , next Thursday then turned into tomorrow.

I've never sold anything on eBay - I am definitely not a 'PLAYER' and I don't like taking 99c risks.

The Trading post online (another free listing site) sold one large Fisher Price toy (and that I could have sold a few times over too) but I had no luck with my racing car beds advertised there for months.

Hopefully, tomorrow, our pockets will have a little more jingle, jangle in them.
I also listed a few other baby toys, even though they are Fisher price, they are moving much slower.
The boys played with the FP Drop & Roar dinosaur and another baby toy for  a good 20 mins or more. They don't like the idea of us selling their STUFF.

DH has started walking around the house and suggesting what we could sell next ...the kids are hoarding toys and locking their doors tonight.

So tell me what you have sold and where you have had most success selling your unwanted crap items.

... online garage sales because our bank accounts pockets are empty after our awesome WA road trip. It will also mean less stuff to move and store.