Thursday, 8 December 2011

How to find your Christmas spirit ? {+ Baker's Delight Giveaway}

When do you start feeling Christmassy ?
When the stores bring out the decorations or the super TOY sales mention lay-bys for Christmas?
When you see the 100 days to Christmas peeps start pestering encouraging you into action on blogs and social media ?

When the Baker's Delight Lemon Tarts and Mince pies, and Christmas cakes arrive on the shelves ?

OMG Crisco & Castle,  Hamper King ads ? ...  have started the pressure prepare for 2012 Christmas . I've seen everyone of them this morning.

I've seen a lot of disillusionment circulating. People who are wondering where they left their Christmas spirit and just as many celebrating all things wonderful about Christmas me the guilts because I haven't had time to do much at all.  

No tree, no decorations - but I do have the kids presents and Santa photo covered.

I love Puddles & Gumboots Magical Memories linkup with homemade craft decorations, Elf adventures, Christmas printables and Tina Gray's Celebration,

So how do we get into the Christmas Spirit ?

 1. Head over to Pinterest stat if you want to find some Christmas spirit - 1000's + of ideas here for everyone. Focus on simple activities and ideas to keep it low key or really get inspired to go overboard.

2. Get down on the floor and see through the eyes of a young child. Kids bubble over with excitement and wonder about Christmas.Spend a day with a young child reading Christmas stories, watching Christmas DVD's or watching Christmas carols on you tube... maybe a little of their excitement and Christmas magic will rub off on you.

3. Start a new family tradition - see no 1 or Google it. Look for a fun activity that will be low-stress (and easy on the budget) ...not something you'll dread because of the hassle. We are doing the Elf on a Shelf this year. Trade it for a tradition you no longer enjoy.

4. Step away from  the stress. Take a few hours or even a day for yourself. Back away from craziness of the season. Get your hair cut, give yourself a facial , switch off your computer and go for a walk, smell the roses, visit a beach.Say no to new demands and/or delegate or postpone some activities.

5. Remember you have choices about the commercialism of the season . It isn't about having the most decorations and the best gifts under a magnificent tree. We can't even find our artificial Christmas tree but we will go out today and cut one from the paddocks or bunch together some sticks in the shape of star (thanks Gemma).

6. Lastly make someone else happy - playing on my TV now the Salvation Army - I believe in Christmas campaign - donate a new unwrapped toy and place it under any giving or charity tree ...
 Play Santa to a friend in need !

Now it's my turn ... take some of the pressure off your baking list see #4 just pick up some of these indulgent treats from Baker's Delight .

Warning - just don't lose your restraint ...The Lemon tarts and Fruit mince pies are my favourites.

A delicious any time of the day treat ...just be careful not to eat the lot or you'll look like Mrs Claus. They are the perfect gift for Santa or hungry boys.

Crisp buttery pastry and soft moist fillings. Dust them with icing sugar and bliss ! I had no time to snap a photo because no one would wait.

O M G - the Baker's delight's Traditional Christmas Cake has such a delicious blend of dried fruits and spice encased in a light cake. It comes in a lovely storage tin and is more moist then other Christmas Cakes I've sampled. I'm not big on Christmas puddings but when heated and served with a brandy custard or icecream it's divine.

They are perfect to keep hidden on hand for unexpected visitors ~Santa~ , a gift for the person who has it all (they come gift boxed) and especially to dress the Christmas table.

I am giving away a little  Bakers Delight joy with three x $10 vouchers so you can indulge in some of these treats for yourself!

Leave a comment and tell me what your key Christmas moment is ?
The 3 most creative answers will win?

Australian Residents only.
One entry person.
Closes Friday 16th December 4pm Sydney time.

Today I am thankful for Christmas spirit and the people who graciously share their ideas to make life easier for me and Baker's Delight.