Friday, 25 November 2011

Saved by Air Wick Aqua Mist

We are slowly settling back a home routine after arriving home Tuesday.

I know chaos, as usual, reigns as we haven't even finished unpacking.

What did I expect to discover leaving our 18yr old son home alone for 10 weeks ????

...well I know I was surprised to find the house at least superficially clean.

Our house is still on the market for sale. The RE agent (a parent of teenagers) even commented how surprised he was to see an 18yr keep things tidy.

My husband did fly home for 6 days mid October , so he did make sure things were tidy then.

I know the Teen was good at covering up minor stuff but his 'smells' are everywhere. He can't hide them from my nose.

... unwashed small electric griller , musty dishwasher, scummy garbage bin, stale smells of a closed up house ( 4 days of rain), his stinky socks, jocks & sweaty work shirts in the bathroom (yes he knew we were due home so he left it for me ...well it has been raining too) , the toilets , the garage whiffing of cat litter and you get the picture .

Oh my senses were overwhelmed ...deep breaths not possible !

Thank goodness I was invited by Soup to participate in Air Wick Aqua Mist project. I received a bucket load enough to to share around with family & friends too.

I know it saved the stink day.

Air wick is so fresh and light that I used it in every room , experimenting with the fragrances - Magnolia and Cherry Blossom is my favourite, the men prefer non floral fragrance of Fresh waters. I even sprayed my car which has been locked up for over 2 months.

With three botanical inspired fragrances to choose from

Air Wick Aqua Mist Magnolia & Cherry Blossom
Air Wick Aqua Mist Wild Lavender & Mountain Breeze

Air Wick Aqua Mist Fresh Waters 

I soon had the house smelling like a fresh summer garden with a mountain breeze,  flowing with calm blue waters.

I know I am not a fan of fake heavily perfumed smells, it seriously makes me feel sick, but Air wick has nailed it with these subtle fresh, light aqua essences.

Personally, I prefer a spritzing a water based mist than blasting chemical propellants & aerosols into the air. The bottles are also environmentally friendly, being recyclable plastic.

Aqua essences create a fresh and welcoming atmosphere for visitors and potential buyers arriving (I wish). I know would just love to have a fresh baked cookies smell ...mmm

Air wick was also voted as the 2011 ‘Product of the Year’ for the Air Care Category in a survey of 5,000 consumers.

It is so versatile; safe enough for use on most fabrics in your home including your curtains, carpet and furniture upholstery (of course I know you will read the instructions before using on your silk sheets or other somethings).

 My friend has horses (outside) and pet mice and other animals (indoor cats & dogs) ...a bit of zoo in fact with chickens, ducks, rabbits, aviary birds and two caged canaries ! So she tested it on her shed , her car (horse feed smells) and her house interior. She gave it the thumbs up too.

Who What would you use Aqua Mist on ? 

What air freshener fragrance would you like to see smell  ?

PS: Keep your nose in the air because I have a $350 giveaway - 3 winners will win 1 prize each of $200, $100 & $50 thanks to Soup and Air Wick Aqua Mist ! I like their new ad too.