Saturday, 26 November 2011

My Christmas wish list ~ It's Chicken Feed

Is it just me - I am so not ready - are you ?

Only 28 days or 4 weeks till the man in the red suit arrives.
I don't have many gifts to buy. I just wish I had some ideas.

I was tagged by Two point five kids to share my Christmas wish list ... I loved her list.

Jingle, jangle, by dingo , dango ... well there  I am hopeless at making decisions is nothing I really need - I have an 'excess' amount of stuff already. Living in the caravan for 10 weeks made me realise it even more. 
I will satisfy my urge to buy something with these 5 unique Christmas gifts maybe from World Vision Gift Catalogue (so I won't lose the receipt)
  1. Pencils for school $5
  2. Chicken and Chicken feed $10
  3. A bag of seeds $10
  4. Fruit trees $ 35
  5. Mosquito net -repellant treated $15
I think these gifts can do more good than a $20 - 30 'gift' bought in a rush to be opened, eaten or if inedible often stuffed in a cupboard or re gifted. (I have a post in draft of what not to buy)

Though I hope our gifts to family are given and received in love more often it is what is expected rather honestly needed. I want to give something truly meaningful - like gifts of life ... with these special gifts we can celebrate the real meaning of Christmas and help some of the world's most vulnerable people. I know we lead a privileged life in our country.

It's doesn't take much to help them overcome a little of their poverty , take control of their future and make a practical response to global inequity.They are families just like us who every day truly struggle to live even a basic life, surviving on less than a $1 a day.

Gifts of life that support education, agriculture and the environment potentially last much longer; their magic has the power to last for years ...generating income and a future food supply

As a Christian I want my children to understand Christmas is about giving not just receiving. I will be asking them to help me choose too.

I won't tag anyone but feel free to leave your wish lists - it might give me some ideas. 

I wish I joined the Social Media Secret Santa list ...because chances are there will no surprises for me. Since I am on the naughty list big time.