Thursday 24 November 2011

Santa 's Swarovski Crystal Garden at QVB

It is not often as an adult that the pure magic of a Christmas tree takes your breath away.

Yesterday, amidst the heart stopping drama of my blog being removed for no known reason , we had a date with Santa. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced.

My boys have always loved Santa though the expressions on their faces at six months were like "who is this big dude" and why is he dressed in a red jump suit.

This year got to whisper their wishes to a real 'white' bearded Santa Claus ...I think Santa got a shock to see kids throwing themselves at him bursting with excitement . This is our official photo.

Santa sits on his crystal encrusted throne with pure white Huskies at his feet . Above him are suspended crystals , he is surrounded by crystal flowers and butterflies.

Sam & Joel were dazzled by the Christmas tree too ... we just stopped Joel from trying to launch himself up the balustrade (and thank God not over it...) for a better look.

We were invited by One Green Bean to visit Santa Claus in his Swarovski Crystal Garden, on level 2 under the huge centre dome in the QVB. The Queen Victoria Building has been a famous Sydney icon since 1898 with a chequered history.

In recent years the entire building with it's elaborate Romanesque architecture, turrets and domes underwent significant restoration reopening in 1986. A further $48 million refurbishment was finally completed in 2009...It's stunning.

It is magnificent building, of unsurpassed grandeur . I still can't believe it is the first time Santa has made an appearance at QVB.The QVB was buzzing with Christmas shoppers, heavy laden with bags and crystal stars in their eyes.

The Swarovski Christmas Tree is a sight to behold. It soars up to the centre dome, spanning the three levels. At 24ft high , is draped with 144,000 Swarovski crystal ornaments and 60,000 twinkling lights, and a giant Swarovski crystal star atop. (Security are everywhere just in case you are wondering.)


Bathed in a soft, silvery light is the hand crafted crystal winter 'trellis' garden.  A blue fairy and Toy soldier offer candy canes and a chocolate ...they quickly put children at ease.

Nearby are real live reindeers which Sam & Joel got to feed . It's a wonderland that dazzles parents and children alike.

The QVC has really embraced Christmas magic with fairy lights adorning the balustrades and decorations everywhere.

We got a sneak preview, Santa Claus - officially arrives on Monday November 28th. So keep your eyes on the roof (of course) of the Queen Victoria Building. Santa will be waiting to see your kids every day up to (and including) Christmas Eve. You can get your Christmas shopping lists wrapped up at the same time as having a special family experience.

Please check the QVB website for more information about opening times and Santa visiting hours. QVB is located right near Town Hall station or the QVB has underground parking for 700 cars.

This is not a sponsored post , all opinions are my own . We were invited guests of One Green Bean and there was no obligation to blog about our Santa visit.