Thursday 3 November 2011

On my bookshelf

I have neglected to update my 101 list recently. I’ve started to get back on track with a little spare time on holidays. I love reading and I'm thankful when I find make time to read for pleasure.

So what is on my ‘101 in 1001’ days bookshelf right now ?

I just finished two new books and I love the smell of a new book, don’t you ?

Discovering two new , to me, Australian fiction authors with other novels I can add to my 101 list , is a bonus.

Violent Exposure by Katherine Howell is certainly fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat (or bed) . I literally couldn’t put the book down ; once I got to the last few chapters, so I was still awake at 1am.

Katherine is an ex ambulance paramedic so this is woven through the plot lines of Violent Exposure .

Detective Ella Marconi is on the case of a apparent domestic homicide and a missing husband with an untraceable past. The mystery deepens with several twists , unexpected turns as Detectives Ella and Dennis investigate all avenues and secrets are uncovered.

Violent Exposure is cleverly paced with events occurring over a few days. It is set in Sydney too which piped my interest even more. The plot is intriguing and authentic sounding with interwoven chapters as the story unfolds. I enjoyed the snappy dialogue.

I am not a fan of extremely violent books and this isn’t. I can’t wait to read the first three books featuring Detective Ella Marconi , and I very excited to hear a fifth book is underway.

Though I admit I am still hooked on Patricia Cornwell books which give me nightmares at times and leave me looking over shoulder and jumping at my own shadow.

About the Author
Katherine Howell is a former ambulance officer. Her award-winning novels are published in the UK and Europe in six languages. She lives in Queensland with her partner and is currently working on her fifth novel about Detective Ella Marconi.

This next novel, just finished, is very different . If you need a new book for your book club or one to touch the heart then you will love The Secret Ingredient .

I have always wanted to join a book club but I’ve never done much about it. It is the story of my unfulfilled life - no time or lacking motivation and probably no excuse !

Andie’s marriage is falling apart after deceit and betrayal by Ross, her husband (On his 2nd marriage). Andie gave up her dream to be a Chef for Ross who wouldn’t tolerate her career .The betrayal gives Andie the kick start she needs, as she suddenly realises how unfulfilled her life was /is.

Not without it’s own twists and turns , The Secret ingredient keeps you guessing at the turn of every page. It’s a story about not giving up on your dreams when everything comes unglued.

Andie searches for the Secret ingredient as she embraces her re-established career with a frenzy and finds ...of course I am not going to spoil it.

I loved how Andie wafts away the drama and begins life in new territory with many touching and awkward moments. As she takes control in her new life , predictably, she finds ‘anything’ is possible. Still everyone likes a happy ending.

This novel was a pleasure to read and engaged me right away. There is humour, fun and just enough romance (but not enough to make you gag) with some authentic dysfunctional family dramas thrown in too. It is also set in Sydney.

I took away the message that good relationships shouldn’t be taken for granted. Hence the need to work hard and be creative in all relationships.

About the author:
Dianne Blacklock has been a teacher, trainer, counsellor, check-out chick, and even one of those annoying market researchers you avoid in shopping centres. Nowadays she tries not to annoy anyone by staying home and writing.

I am also very keen to read more of Dianne Blacklock’s novels. This is her eighth novel so she must be doing something right.

I was thankful and very fortunate to review these PAN MACMILLAN AUSTRALIA Books.All opinions are my own.
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Today I am thankful for reading, new books and new authors.

So tell me how do you discover new authors ? What do you look for in a book ?

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