Friday, 4 November 2011

Random things I know

I know it was very scary driving through this, so we kept driving because we didn't want to camp overnight and be caught in a bushfire. Very eerie

I know some challenges are fun and exhausting - I don't know how Daisy is doing it ?

I know you'll never get me jumping off this.

I'm sorry the wind died down for this guy ...I just wanted to take his photo but that 3rd attempt was aborted and then the wind died.

Free camping saves you $ but sometimes you have to go searching for wifi and battery life sets the limits. I know that I like going surfing at 6am ...from the steps to beach. Sorry the picture of me in my green starry pjs is only on my ipad.

we were camped just behind those bushes.
 This made me giggle ...
Did not buy it though @$9.95
I wanted to take the picture of the lady nervously counting ...

Warning Signs...

self expanatory

A reminder to drive safely - you all have a good weekend now

Are you playing Things I know?

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