Monday, 17 October 2011

Rumbling tummies, mumble grumbles and happy highlights

It’s been a long week without my husband here in Perth. I have so much to catch up on.
Quinn's Beach
The Karrinyup Resort Caravan Park is lovely. It is without doubt one of the best family orientated parks I’ve stayed in. The amenities are clean and our closest ablutions has private cubicles like your own bathroom – not unlike a private ensuite site which are normally extra. It means I can have the boys in there with me, huge bench seat , toilet and vanity. The park has lovely surroundings , a lake & lots of trees, is very well kept and being upgraded further.

The Jumping cushion is awesome and with the playground right opposite us I thought it was a godsend. Though not without a few disadvantages...

My visions of a week to myself , while the boys played and soaked in the love of other playmates, were dashed the second day. Things did not go as I planned. I envisioned a week to catch up on blogging things, emails, site seeing Perth, reading and relaxing by the pool or beach. Insert *sad face*

However ,we have been inundated with cute, pint sized poppets asking for food & drink or eying off our toys – sure my children encourage them and sharing is caring . One in particular starts door knocking at 6.50am ...ignoring her makes her knock louder .(I did mention it to her Dad the first time I spoke him at length in the pool yesterday . Then I saw their mother the first time in 5 days – she mentioned apologetically  B was supposed to be going to toilet. She is 5 and very sweet , though it scares me she is so friendly.

B & her brother C, shared our pancake breakfast this morning too –told me you shouldn’t go off alone “because some creep might take you” when I told my boys off about “going off without telling me”.

A few other lads 5-8yrs and a big brother (14)  had 5 kids playing under their awning one day (ah ha- they were opposite the jumping cushion) - since gone home. The big boy was quite happy to have 5-not including –his- siblings there. I passed his mother up near my caravan – she said yes, she had HAD quite a few children at her place !

The Drummer boys love their new friends B & C but I feel like I am responsible for them when they are here – get your bike off the road , be careful, off that top bunk ...does your mum know where you are ? B was in our caravan 2 hrs the other day watching Snow white !!

Not to mention again, but I am over playing hostess with a steady supply of food & drink to rumbling tummies and sorting out my boys sibling spats. I am up & down like a yo-yo. I’ve been so frustrated ..though it is still 80% my own boys killing my time.

After chatting to B & C’s Dad – they are from Queensland and have been on their road trip – around Australia since December ...small world factor is their dog is being bordered by family who live in next suburb to us (5 mins away) in Sydney.

Ok, enough grumbling . I‘ve also had a dynamic and exciting weekend with a visit and play date from Lani & Boo , at Me & Boo. We had a beach/playground meet up arranged with Glowless at 1.30pm on Friday too but she unfortunately fell very ill with tonsillitis and later ended up in hospital.

Anyway, I was in Telstra shop @ local shopping centre sorting out my WIFI credit around 11.30am. Lani and Boo were randomly passing . Lani saw the boys in the shop window and recognised them #smallworld ...She said hello and they immediately told her we’re ‘Sam & Joel’.

So in a twist of fate - we ended up back at Karrinyup Resort instead and the Drummer boys & Boo played all afternoon while we chatted, then we had an impromptu dinner and a little wining. Then again for a short while Saturday, Boo and boys bonded it was so sweet. I really enjoyed Lani’s company too. I love her humour and our sensitive talks. We have met before in Sydney.

Saturday afternoon we were invited to dinner by the gracious Sarah  .Her 3 cherubs were lovely .My boys had a great time playing with them and I had to drag them away. MR S cooked up some delicious pizzas with pizazz . Sarah lit some candles for the Wave of light too. It was a very special time.

I came home & lit my own candles

I am truly thankful for the friends I have met through blogging , the connections and the good conversations I had with both Lani & Sarah. It was a highlight of my week.

I haven’t been totally starved of adult conversation , everyday people strike up conversations about road trip travels, caravans, kids and anything. I‘ve been waylaid so many times a nice kind of way it makes you slow down and stop rushing.

A lovely ‘grandmotherly' lady stopped me to give the boys ‘caravan’ home made apple & cinnamon muffins, and chat about ovens & temperature conversions Saturday afternoon as I was trying to leave for Sarah's. She had recognised the boys from a week before at another location.

Apparently B & C parents have also supplied my children with choc yoghurt (one day) ...I wasn’t aware till the evidence was all over their face or shirt.

Yesterday I had to ‘escape’. I‘d wanted to take the boys on a train ride to city but the train services were cancelled for upgrading. After getting lost too many times out & about – (It's hard to read the ipad while driving) I decided to cancel the city idea .

So we headed to a little beach at Hillary’s boat harbour. It was very hot but the boys enjoyed it. We had a paddle, an amusement ride and browsed the shops...till they whinnied about coming back to their friends and the pool.

Today is a new week - the park is much quieter with the WA families back to school. I’ll be sad to leave but moving onwards to the next adventure is always exciting. We are heading down the south west coast and into wine & gourmet food country. I can't wait !

So how was your weekend ?

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