Monday, 3 October 2011

Menu planning and the kitchen sink

One of the advantages of towing a caravan on a roadtrip is bringing everything including the kitchen sink with you :).

We can stop and have lunches or a quick snack anywhere , anytime. We have a gas toaster (have you seen one) and gas kettle ( plus stove complete with oven). The boys love hot buttered raisin or vegemite toast on the road. Sometimes it is cheese & tomato crackers and (once) bacon & egg rolls (the flies heard us coming too)

I also love a hot cuppa brewed, just the way I like it - any way my DH makes it (Did you know Foxslane has her own coffee machine in her caravan and Barista)

When we pull up for the night I enjoy cooking .We eat a healthy and balanced diet, even though I seem to craving junk food  {hot ,salty chips on the beach anyone }!

I am trying to limit takeaway food {scarce & unattractive in remote areas as well as expensive} by serious menu planning. Some days we ARE MILES  from shops where we camp.

My Menu plan this week ...
Monday - Hoping to get some Fresh fish today ? to grill or lightly crumb with home style wedges & salad
Tuesday - BBQ Steak and Salad

Wednesday - Baked pea, ham & rissotto (from WeighWatchers Cook Hearty)

Thursday - Satay Chicken with steamed veges brown rice  (I cheat using a Maggi dry powder packet mix ,adding my own peanut butter, onions)

Friday - Meatballs with spiral pasta

Saturday - Chicken Schnitzel - mash & steamed vegies 

Sunday - Slow roasted leg of lamb {mint jelly&gravy} with baked veges/steamed greens.

(Frozen leftover caravan cooked Shepherd's pie is my emergency backup)

So please share what are you favourite family cheat meals or 4 ingredients type dinners you think I can tackle in my caravan?

The Organised Housewife
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