Friday, 30 September 2011

Things I know the powerless edition

I've learnt so much the last week. I know we have seen so many spectacular and unusual sites. There is so much we have missed too.

Some days I know the journey turns into let's get to our destination ...quick!

Though i'd rather not take a ride in this plane. I'm glad I know the Royal Flying Doctor has been saving lives across 80% of outback Australia for 83 yrs.

I know we survived five days without electricity. Electronic devices were charged while traveling via 12v ; my laptop off the 12v inverter as necessary inside the caravan. The fridge is gas/ 12v (as well as electric when we have power.)

The caravan has a battery too that charges while we drive so it powers lights and the water pump. We filled the water tanks in larger towns that are RV friendly; even providing dump points for chemical toilets.

I know the first world is spoilt by our availability of cheap water, it was challenging having a shower with only a few litres. Most free campgrounds don't have taps we have 2 x 63L tanks. They last us approx. 2 days.

I know the free campgrounds don't have many facilities but they suit us for a quick overnight stop.

Western Australia is very dry and grass is rare in many towns. Jim's mowing franchises would go broke. Kalgoorlie even has artificial grass in the median strips.

Some small towns have the best playgrounds I've seen. I know it has made the drummer boys very happy indeed.

I know we are lucky ... 1 min after we passed tractors undertaking roadside slashing a truck behind us had his side window smashed. Judging by the colourful language we heard through the UHF radio he was NOT happy.

I know our next stop is Shark Bay , and then Monkey Mia on the other side. We plan to stop here for a few days and have a break from driving.

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