Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thankful for extra sleep and free laundry !

Today, I'm thankful for a few extra hours sleep after waking at 6am with a diabolical headache. I took some Nurofen and went back to sleep till 8:45am I am thankful my DH let me sleep in.It's just a dull ache now.

Last night I was thankful for the complimentary use of washing machines and dryers at the caravan park where we stayed . It was a park provided by the local shire. It was very clean and tidy with mown grass and bitumen bays for our car & caravan. I caught up on all our washing. (The other day it cost me $20 to wash and dry two loads of washing.)

I am extremely thankful that the Grumpy grey nomad told me about it (He was friendly to us but grumpy about how WA treats tourists.) He gave me some other GOLD tips too.

I am thankful for the WA tourist/ visitor information centers. They are very friendly, give valuable traveling information and have heaps of brochures available for free.Some have water too which then let's us camp in free campgrounds.

I am thankful that my brother sold the family ski boat we shared. It means we can relax a little about non essential spending.

Sometimes my husband stops the car to let me take photos that makes this shutterbug thankful. We have yet too see masses of flowers, mostly little roadside clusters...except for this 5 mins ago.

The drummer boys are really looking forward to reaching the coast today and hopefully a beach. They are thankful when we find playgrounds like this ...

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