Friday, 7 October 2011

Loud on LOUD Shirt day

Loud Shirt Day is only 2 weeks away on Friday October 21st, (
Loud Shirt Day is an annual fundraising initiative co-ordinated by First Voice, an alliance of early intervention hearing service providers who teach deaf and hearing impaired kids how to listen and speak. 

The gorgeous Mrs Woog's and her equally adorable lad Jack have this to say about loud shirt day.

Loud Shirt Day encourages individuals and groups to wear their loudest and brightest outfits (traditionally loud shirts) for one day and to get sponsored by their friends, family and colleagues on that day and/or purchase Loud Shirt Day merchandise from a Caltex retailer. Whether the outfit is stripes, florals, polka dots or paisley, as long as it’s loud and colourful it’s perfect for Loud Shirt Day!

I was asked to lend my support .I am very passionate about hearing . I have a significant hearing impairment . I wear a Cochlear BAHA Bone anchored hearing aid on my good side. My hearing loss was gradual due to ear infections and surgery complications . I had already learnt to speak and hear.

Please show your support and get LOUD on Loud shirt day ...wear loud shirts and outfits to raise awareness. With your help First Voice can give deaf children sound and speech ,changing the lives of hundreds of hearing impaired children and their families throughout Australia.

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