Saturday, 8 October 2011

Let's go fly a kite

It's been a huge week and I've literally been blown away by the West coast of Western Australia. Yes, it is very windy but perfect for kites surfing (not me) and


kite flying. It is also beautiful. My camera cannot capture what the eye can see.

It makes me want to start singing ...Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest heights

Before leaving home DH purchased those 2 x $5 kites from Aldi. We have had the most awesome fun with the Drummer boys. I am so grateful he did. I saw them but doubted they would last long.

Though yesterday it almost happened when Sam let his kite go and it hit the water. It was sucked in , went under and disappeared. I nagged asked DH go in after it.

So, it was just a $5 kite but OMG it would have been the end of it. Can you imagine the whinging sad face of one little boy. I am grateful  DH stripped down to his t-shirt and undies to save the day. The people sitting by the rotunda high on the bank certainly were laughing as much as I was.


At the moment we are camped, powerless, at Sandy Cape Campground, Jurien Bay. It's maybe 20 steps from the beach just over a little sand dune. I am grateful is it not this sand dune.

Though it might be fun to slide down it today.
I am so grateful for this stunning location - at only $15 night too. We had two relaxing days at the BIG4 Sunset Beach Caravan Park in Geraldton too.

What are you grateful for today ?
What are your plans this weekend ?