Thursday, 6 October 2011

Traveling Light

I don't wait all week to be thankful just to tell you about it .

Point Moore Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse was like nothing I have ever seen.

I am thankful I sent my Sydney Sister in law's , Sister in law, V, a friend request on Facebook yesterday morning as we headed into Geraldton WA. As fate would have it she was only checking too see if she had a response to an item she was selling on a community FB group. She messaged me back ,  I replied.

Then V came down to the foreshore to look for us but we had left to find a caravan park. So she kept driving and by amazing coincidence found us driving down the main street *beep* *beep* (Geraldton is large regional city).We said "Hello - follow me ''' briefly at the traffic lights.

V offered to take some of our washing home to wash. She brought it back washed,dried and folded =). (Hub thinks she ironed it too even pjs ! Haha enjoy it mate- our iron is stashed somewhere under the bed)

 I am thankful we got to watch the kite surfers . Their tricks were breathtaking as they put on an awesome display.

The Drummer boys were thankful for this spectacular foreshore playground with 4-5 different play areas - a skate park, tweens , in between's and little's areas plus a water playground. Just cross your legs because it cost 50c to use the facilities ;-).

They are enjoying playing in the caravan park playground today with new friends.

My last thankful is that I got to stop and soak in this

PS - We hadn't planned to stay long in Geraldton but since we have no set destinations or places to be at set times , it was a spontaneous decision. (Though DH is flying home for 6 days next week and I am staying put with in a caravan park somewhere ?? near Perth)
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