Friday, 2 September 2011

Boys will be boys

Alternatively ....Double trouble
Jumping Castles are evil
Only my kids

I know

....if you take your kids to the Bunning's Family Night they might incur an injury on the jumping castle .That means a trip to the hospital, nah ,scrap 4hrs in casualty the After Hours GP clinic.

...the UH OH moment when you run your hand across your son's head to smooth his sweaty hair down and it's wetter and stickier than you expect.Then you see blood and that he is now a red head.

...the child crying the most is not the one with the split head. Though teeth are more expensive than heads.

... the approx 3cm long wound is roughly a semi circle and the shape of his twin brother's top teeth. (Lucky we already had a dentist appointment for Sam [the head] so maybe they can check Joel's teeth just to be sure.)

....even if the DR's sterile technique was woeful (as in non existent) , the Betadine (iodine) will kill everything or else the antibiotics will. (Remind me to go to the chemist)

...the amount of glue the DR used means Sam will need a #1 across the top. YAY - skinhead because of the amount of hair glued down. It will require cutting out. The haircuts I planned for today have been postponed.

... I had to giggle (not really)  when Dr asked if his tetanus was up to date (it is)...yep BOYS do have germs, bad germs !. I have no idea why she listened to his chest and checked his temperature. least it was our own kids' clashing heads. The jumping castle was very crowded. I was lining up for the sausage sizzle while Daddy was watching.It happened mins after I got back. The poor Bunning's first aid lady was shaking so much, Sam wasn't even crying by then - I was calm and cool.

More things I know

...that when we are at the farm the boys don't give too "Hoots" about ABC2(4), though at home we can't drag them away at certain times of the day "Octanauts to your stations", Peppa Pig, Sesame street and more.

.... the downside of outdoor play is that they experiment . DH said "That was a $6 bottle of graphite (silvery/grey powder) they added to the water in the boat moat thing". They borrow Daddy's tools and the kitchen utensils to use in the sand pit too. have to keep your humour when you are going through rough patches. I am inspired to see beyond our present circumstances and remain hopeful.

I know I sincerely appreciate the kind thoughts , comments and messages yesterday. They made me smile. I treasure each comment made and consider it a thoughtful act of friendship. 

What do you know today ?

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