Friday, 26 August 2011

Yellow makes me happy !

I know six years ago today, started out as any other Friday. TGIF.
It wasn't to be , on this day , Friday 26th August 2005, my Father passed away.

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I think I was already at work I don't know.Then I got a phone call (s). I think my mum called first to say my Dad had taken a bad turn overnight, that the hospital had called her to come in.

Then I think a Dr from hospital called me to say I'd better come in too.
I got there first and I waited .I know when Mum arrived, she had no idea it was so serious when they called us into the room outside intensive care. I know I knew from get go.

They said Dad was on life support and not expected to last the day or even the next few hours, they wanted to turn off the respirator keeping him alive.

Respectfully, they allowed us to call the rest of our family in and they waited 2 hrs for 14-15 loved ones to arrive. My husband, my brother & sister, their spouses, his brothers, his sister , few other in laws and a few friends. So as many as possible could be there to say goodbye.

Dad had AML -leukemia , blood cancer. He had traveled a rocky road with another tumour and radiation therapy, then a blood stem cell transplant from his brother. Graft vs host disease , was a complication of stem cell transplant was the main cause of his death.

In his memory I donated blood plasma today (Plasma is kind of yellow -straw coloured ) .
I know donating blood can help others - one donation can save 3 lives. Dad had many, many blood transfusions over the course of his treatment.

So please if you are able roll up your sleeve and donate blood or plasma regularly - do something amazing !

Did you know 34% of blood donations are used to help those with cancer and blood disorders. The largest % of all 19% causes of anaemia.

If you also think the one in two who gets cancer is one too many ...
Please support Daffodil day today , fundraising for cancer support, research and prevention and cancer awareness across the country.

Their phone support and advice was invaluable to us last year when my husband was diagnosed with cancer.

It is their 25th year ...the website has 25 faces of Hope.

I know I made a stupid mistake today.... I know I've learned an expensive lesson.

I know I'm very relieved we found our lost cow (well the neighbour found it) and that it is back safety in our paddocks. I know I was very concerned watching hubby chasing the stupid cow, through tress, bushes and up/down creek, banks, over rocks mostly on the motorbike. Glad it ended well and only after 2 attempts - we got her almost all the way back and she ran back to the other stray, still next door. That could have also been expensive had we lost her.

What do you know today ?

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