Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thankful for small things

Small things and big thankfuls.

Yesterday I had to take my BAHA (hearing aid) into Darlinghurst for repair. I had a huge problem with the stupid %&$*#@ ticket machine at the train station. The short story - a boy about 17, dressed in the local High school uniform, came to my assistance and swapped his $1 coin for my change. My train was coming and I caught the train with 2 secs to spare.
This local HS has a poor reputation but the young guy's RAK was amazing.
Remind me to send the school a message about something GOOD !

Last week when my hubby went to the farm he noticed one of our eleven cows were missing.
This morning when he did a head count - still only ten.
Damn ! 
It meant cow number #12 (because #11 died after breaking her leg in the cattle crush) might be dead or with neighbours cows or gone ! It means possibly hours of searching too.
This afternoon a neighbour , from 1.5 kms down the road, drove up to say our missing heifer was on his property ...he could read our property name on the tag but not the phone number. A HUGE RELIEF !
Now we just have to work out how to get the cow back to our property.

It's good to be here at the farm. I am thankful .
There is so much stress in our life right now - I just feel a little bit calmer...
Tuesday's post is just not working !

 What are you thankful for ?

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