Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Digital dilemmas ~ pulling the plug on cord clutter

Digital age dilemmas First world problems are the cause of much angst in this house .

So if you're anything like my family , you'll have a multitude of electronic devices requiring USB cables and AC chargers - for phones, iPod, kids game consoles and camera battery chargers. 

That is not to mention the fact that you too, have also amassed quite a collection of miscellaneous cords that you either aren’t using anymore or saving because you might need later on (or just you are Hoarders like me)

My husband refuses to be held responsible for my lost cords/cables and misplaced chargers.He rolls his eyes  shrugs his shoulders and asks me what I want him do ? when in a panic I rush around looking for a particular item.

Our problem is also complicated because we travel to the farm and home again. Often the cords get packed in unusual places (stop pointing the finger at me !)

Many times a day I am ringing him to ask him where 'X' cord is ?

Frustrating him no end and leaving me cursing , profanities under my breath in no particular order at him and the 'stupid' cord  in a dither.

Kate - also reminded me yesterday in her post on faking it (...not what you think) - where you remove everything off benches and out of sight when you have unexpected guests arriving. In our case house it's house inspections.

My problem is then remembering where I stashed all the cords... (I don't know how I put in the pot drawer or there ! )

Then this brings me to my biggest issue with the storage of electrical cords and chargers - what  do I do with all these odd shaped plugs & wires ?

How do I stop the cord clutter ending up in a tangled mess in half a dozen drawers or cupboards throughout the house, in a box, or dangling off counters for kids to swing off ?

The next hardest part - figuring out which cord goes with what gadget ?
I saw this idea ?
removing the shoes of course ?  $20.95
Just not sure - would it be too fiddly ? Easy to add labels or write on each pocket.

So how do you manage the physical storage ? (I know you can't tell me how not to lose my stuff)

Do you have any other DIY cords & cables storage and organising methods or tips you’d like to share?

 What did you say? You need to charge your i Phone  ? well I've got a couple ' i' chargers but can't damn well find them and my hubby lost the car charger 12v adapter thingy.

Yes, I know you can buy expensive gadgets that act like a charging station ... and others with interchangeable tips to suit most devices ..just saying we don;t need any more devices.

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