Monday, 8 August 2011

Giveaway ~ Everyone needs a little Fairy in the kitchen

Remember back in MAY when I posted about PG house , well the dirty secret is out...

While Peter was cooking lunch we learnt all about secret cleaning business which we couldn't discuss till now.

I wouldn't mind a Peter in my kitchen either.
There were prawns in there somewhere.
We received a swag basket of samples to take home and I was very impressed. 
I freely admit I am not a domestic goddess. No white gloves allowed here.
I encourage the children to help :) as much as I can ...
It's been interfering with my social media life   a challenge having to keep the house clean every day and rush around every morning being an uber domestic goddess because the house is on the market (still).

Just don't lick the bubbles !
I doubt my readers are very much interested in hearing about cleaning ...since most of us do anything we can to avoid it.  Though we all love to make it easier.

I have been using  FAIRY for everything well as cleaning dirty dishes, FAIRY cleans shower screens, sliding doors and anything really.
Excellent for wand polishing.

I still have my green Fairy - a little goes a long way (I believe the claim- lasts up to an incredible 50% longer than the next best selling brand!). I recently purchased Blue too (it's my favourite colour you know if you want to send me anything...just saying). 

Thanks to Fairy I’d love to offer you an Ultimate Dishwashing Pack that includes the following ...

1 x Fairy Dish Liquid – RRP $3.99

1 x Fairy Platinum dishwashing tablets – RRP $20.99 (these help clean dishwasher with each wash)

1 x Fairy All in One dishwashing tablets – RRP $20.99

1 x Tupperware lunch container – RRP $24.99 * (no picture yet sorry)

- Total Value: approx: $70.96

PS * Tupperware endorses Fairy as it's recommended cleaning product. Fairy even cleans oily, tomato stains with cold water ... they put it to the test right before our eyes. It rinsed clean in cold water with just a , squirt of Fairy - squish and shake.

That being said ... I still say one of my new blogging goals is to be able to afford a cleaner :) .
In the mean time I highly recommend visiting Katrina @ Organised housewife - she has all the tips and tricks for busy mums to get organised and whip up your cleaning regime.

To enter tell me your what is your least favourite cleaning job to tackle or a handy tip if you are a speed cleaning demon ?

Australian residents only.
Closes 18th August
Two Extra Entries for sharing this giveaway via FB or twitter, leave a comment .

Disclosure: Prior to this review I received a package of Fairy dish washing products in May which I have loved using.
No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post.All opinions expressed are my own...
PPS :  It actually cost me a Freddo or two.
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