Friday, 22 July 2011

how to be thankful

Every day I am reminded how lucky I am. I find it can be such a mood lifter to focus on the good things that you have in your life when you feel anything but ...

An attitude shift = mood lift.

Still, lately
I just never feel as if I’m 'winning' and that everything is in chaos.

Reflecting, as 'you' do, on the bad things does nothing but make me melancholy. I want to look forward and live in moment enjoying every day I can . I refuse to let life pass me by.

Yes, things still go wrong and I feel like sometimes I could scream or cry ... and of course , I do , (the famine in horn of Africa makes so upset). I feel awful and regret it when I yell and get cross with my little boys though. Some days I am stuck in the NOT the Mother of Year line.

Stress builds up in me. I get all 'woe is me' , till I tell myself I am so lucky. I have all I need today (well I wouldn't mind a personal assistant chef & cleaner a few more 0o's in my bank account) .
As I spend my life rushing from one thing to the next, I know I am missing so much and yet it is hard to slow down and be thankful for the small things some days. So right now

Today I am thankful for
  1. Random acts of kindness (RAKs) or acts of random kindness (ARKs) thanks to Gemma @My Big Nutshell for giving us a lift in the pouring rain yesterday.She is gorgeous and she is coming to Blogolpolis too. Gemma made me laugh so hard, it was almost a 'tena' moment as she helped push my b.utt over her rear car seat .   
  2. New technology ~now if I could just find time to set it up  properly. Then learn to touch type.
  3. The rain ~ I hope it is filling the dams somewhere... I know Sydney as had more than enough.It's not raining in Dubbo.
  4. Kisses & hugs," I love you' from small boys...followed by "Can I use your iPod, comm'on where is it ?"  Then 'virtual' cooking donuts with my boy- totally no fat version LOL.
  5. It's Saturday tomorrow and you know what follows...Sunday and we are road tripping to Melbourne.
I am joining in with thankful Thursday because I said I would... better late than never 
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