Thursday, 30 June 2011

Goodbye 4

It's been a busy day today.
Rushed out to the toy sales after my DH got back from his errands.
I managed to grab a few birthday bargains.
I rushed home and then we took the shaggy boys for pre birthday hair cuts and shopping.
Home again to cook home-made pizzas on Baker's Delight bases - so delicious.
Much frenzy followed.
So in 15 minutes (well kind of) the little drummer boys will start another trip around the sun.
It is hard to believe 5 yrs ago at this time I was awake and scared, lying in a hospital bed, not knowing what the daylight would bring.
My husband had gone home.
It still makes my eyes awash with tears remembering how alone and scared I felt. I can't put it into words.
Our twin birth story is here.

The birthday week started at Playgroup on Tuesday -  made the bestest little cupcakes from this buttercake recipe. (Twice because I made 4 dozen for preschool - I  gave them 30. Once in choc and the preschool got vanilla.)

Tomorrow we will celebrate the little boys we never imagined could bring us so much love and laughter .

 Tonight, I kissed my 4 year olds goodnight .

After their bath, bedtime stories and last photos of 4 - I had to have a go at these.Thanks to my dear friend Tiff 

The pegs are just to hold the teeth on till they dry. It was a quick craft.

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