Friday, 8 April 2011

Things I know -

Things I know matter how many times I tell myself selling our home and moving to Central West is going to be a good thing my heart is still anxious .I feel very sad about selling & leaving family and friends. This , too, will pass. I pray. I do love the farm.

  ...keeping perfectly clean a house with twin 4yr old tornadoes and a 'tumultuous' untidy teen is going to be my greatest challenge. I hope the first family who sees our house buys it.

...It's fantastic news the Teen got a new job and mini promotion this week but having him leave at 6am means we all have an early wake up . DH wakes to make sure the Teen has woken and this wakes me and the boys some days. Praise God for ABC TV.

...Some days you just want to pull the blankets back over your head and stay there ...of course, you rarely can, except maybe for 20 mins longer if DH gets up :) .Others you spend basking in the Autumn sunshine with a little more crispness in the air, listening to the blessed, infectious laughs of your children. I know what I prefer more.
...The new Babies movie is sure to bring smiles & giggles all round. See below if you would like a free ticket to the preview or an in season family pass if you live in a regional area or Interstate. 

What do you know this week ? Share your wisdom by hooking up with Shae @Yay for home.  
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