Saturday, 2 April 2011

Grateful Saturday - Friends and a great big internet hug

I'm grateful for the amazing friends of Tiff @Three Ring Circus who loving contributed a donation to help this family out. To give them a big community Internet  hug. Ivy has been in hospital the past 2 weeks and faces another two weeks in hospital.

Her surgery yesterday to remove the infected port was completed. The temporary PICC line was placed under /in her armpit (after 6 attempts) but is very unstable. It means they won't let her go home. Ivy also faces another surgery very soon.

What people might not know this is a gorgeous family of nine, seven children aged 5 to 14yrs (including two sets of twins). Ivy and her twin Noah miss each other immensely. I have twins and I can only imagine how hard this is for Noah & Ivy. Ivy is missing everyone and even school. Hopefully she will get to her Easter hat parade this week.

Tiff misses all her kids and her soul mate , the love and noise of her beautiful family banter.They live an hour from the hospital .Her husband took the first week off work to care for the other children , then the two Grandmas helped out last week. Who knows for the next two weeks ? Her DH has already had a lot of time the last year with Ivy being so unwell and hospitalised many times.

It's been a tough week with Ivy's surgery cancelled twice,  Nil by Mouth for a 5 yr old girl and her mum, all the waiting and worrying and a long time in surgery... 

Seven years ago today their angel baby ~William~ was born and lived  for 5 days. So being apart from her family this weekend compounds this grief as they normally celebrate ~Will's~ birthday in a special way.

As friends Sarah & I wanted to help ease the burdens on this family a little.We set up a donation widget HERE to surprise them... since we all live too far away to make a meal etc or help out practically. 

We privately asked a few people for a small donation to help them out with meals. To be honest I was overwhelmed some people were able to give more, collectively even the small amounts make a difference. We sincerely appreciate everyone's contribution.

Tiff was reluctant to make it public after we told her about the surprise donations.Sarah & I felt a few other people we didn't think or know to ask - might like donate too. So if you haven't already and would like to give something please go here ...

We plan to take the doantion widget down next week.

I'm also grateful we are here at the farm this weekend . It's quiet [as it can be with two 4 yr olds boys, tractor and tweeting birds] and relaxing. The boys and I had so much fun making our 'video' yesterday. Farm life is fun , except I do not like the mice ... dead or alive. 

I'm grateful ratsak works wonders and I hope the ultrasonic thingy my husband bought works soon (ask me in 2 weeks) because I just saw a mouse. PS I'm especially grateful the rat was dead.

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