Friday, 1 April 2011

Say cheese :)

One of my twin sons has many food related sensory issues and a very strong gag reflex. Sam totally by passed solids .I know he didn't mind gumming or gnawing on cardboard boxes or books. He only got his first tooth at 13 months as well. 

Finally I got Sam to eat white rice (off my plate one day) and custard and sometimes a little watermelon.
Slowly we introduced more substantial and other food groups.
Fortunately he was breastfed.

Cheese was just another thing he initially refused to try or would gag on. 
Then one day he pinched the grated cheese off the bench when I was cooking. 
Though he even hated melted cheese on things or it mixed in and didn't like sliced cheese.

I've always struggled to find healthy foods that he will eat willingly.
His twin devours all kinds of food and had no issues except with eggs.

We have tried a few packaged cheese products over the years, especially with our older son (17) as well. I found most highly processed, a little too much salt & fat and fiddly packaging. Plus the price.

The twins' preschool prep program requires us now to send two separately packed snacks (morning & afternoon tea) and then their lunchbox . Within the healthy and allergy guidelines policy.

When Bega asked me to try the Bega Stringers I thought great but is it real cheese ? It was delivered by a refrigerated courier.

We have tried another brand cheese stick in the past, which broke in pieces when the boys opened and bits gots discarded or they chewed through the plastic to open it. Plastic cheese anyone ?  

So what do they think about Bega Stringers ...
They devoured 2 each to start with, even my hard to 'try' please Sam. Then I packed them away.

"I love them MUM -can I have more ?"

They had no one preference for the three Bega Stringer flavours ... made from natural mozzarella (with - Original, Swiss and Cheddar flavours )

The things I Know ...

The novelty of peeling the stringers apart wore off after a few goes - they just wanted to eat them. 

I know the fact it's 100% natural, not processed and only natural perservatives are used appeals to me.

I know the kids don't care about that but I do.

I know I can quickly pop it in lunchbox knowing it will be eaten not discarded.It's healthy and provides 16% of the child’s daily calcium requirements. 

The price is reasonable compared to other individually packed snacks. The convenience factor makes it worth it but I know maybe not for every day.

I know they make a great car / travel snack because they don't spill or leave crumbs everywhere ...and it keeps them busy making a Stringer monster and gobble him up. Just keep them in the esky or cooler bag [We have a lovely Bega one now ;)]

What packaged snacks do you give your children ? 
Is price a factor in choosing snacks or how healthy an item is ? 

Disclaimer – We received 3 packets Bega Stringers, a Bega cooler bag, caps and Stringer pens courtesy of Bega. No financial payment was offered  for this post. All opinions expressed are my own and the video was for pure fun...lucky I was able to hide the last two Bega Stringers!
I know I am sneaky linking up with Yay for home things I know - (I know hope she doesn't mind).
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