Saturday, 23 April 2011

Grateful Saturday - Cattle grids , pizza ovens and contracts.

So much to feel grateful for and not enough time to scribble it down.

Cattle grids - We are grateful to be at the farm for Easter.We are 5kms away at one end of the farm from the rest of the family at the big farmhouse. There are 20 of us in total.It's lovely to have everyone here.

They are grateful the small boys are here and not there :)

I'm grateful we get invited for dinner but I hate opening and closing gates ...just saying - I'll be grateful when DH puts more cattle grids in soon. 

The 20' somethings left a gate open too so DH had to chase a few cows back to another paddock...then we realised a mum & calf were separated. 
So we had to turn around, get out of the car again and chase the 'Mum' back through. 
During dinner we heard the 20' somethings had their own adventures chasing the same group of cows/calves after they realised the mistake of not shutting the gate ;) .

Pizza Ovens ~ J - our niece's gorgeous hubby is coming to start building us an outdoor ,wood fired, pizza oven today - I am so excited.It won't be ready to cook in this weekend though I'm grateful that we are making a start.

Contracts ~ Wednesday, we signed up with a Real Estate agent to list our house in Sydney for sale. I'm grateful we finally did it but also anticipating an incredible mix of emotions when it comes time to move.... after we find a buyer.
 Maxabella hasn't got a grateful link up today but feel free to share your link or gratefuls in the comments if you wish.
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Caz (The Truth About Mummy) said...

All the best with the house sale Trish - how exciting :O) I've done my own grateful list today as well - feeling a little lost without my saturday grateful!

Cate said...

Oh well done on putting your house on the market - I wrote a post over at planning with kids ages ago called 'moving with kids' with lots of tips on what *not* to do!!
have a fab easter!!

Anonymous said...

so many lovely things!!!!


Sam-O said...

Pizza, cattle grids and selling a house. Very eclectic.

I think the cattle grid is an overlooked invention. You just can't underate not having to get out of a car to open and clase a gate in the rain!

I normally join Maxabella too. Mines not very exciting this week...

Happy Easter.

melbo said...

Happy Easter Trish! Love to you and your boys (big and small).

Naturally Carol said...

It all sounds like plenty of fun is happening on that farm..Happy Easter you and your family!

jeanie said...

Oh you must blog the making of the Pizza oven!!!

My dad is big on grids - made his property so that he could check all waters without having to get out for a gate once!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Trish,
I enjoyed reading your grateful list. I am grateful for family this weekend, that we are moving closer to full recovery from my daughter's BMT and for great doctors who work so hard to keep GVHD under control.
I am grateful for chocolate eggs in bed (all of us even though the kids are 16, 20 and 23) because sickness made us appreciate family so much more, then a quick dash for coffee and bacon and egg rolls at the beach cafe before Sunday morning church.
I am looking forward to the pizza oven update when you write it. Pizza is my favourite! Enjoy your family and the farm.

Jayne said...

Yay for more cattle grids and pizza ovens!
One can never have too many of either ;)

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