Tuesday, 1 February 2011

January roundup - no way out but through

As a wise friend said recently there is no way out but through. 
I never got around to a year in review. I couldn't quite put it into words the emotions ...rude awakenings 101 in 2010.

Mostly I could sum it up saying we loved one another and we survived tremendous adversity and overcame hurdles that seemed unfair.Though we came through with a lot of hope.

“Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that?”

I wish I knew then what I know now...I'd have saved myself a lot of worry & grief. It has been almost 12 months since the swelling lump on the side of hubby face was noticed, though the malignant cancer diagnosis wasn't till the end of March.

Anyway onwards with January...

I started something new the Couch to 5 k. I got through the first 4 weeks and I am looking forward to the next 5 and graduation. I never thought I'd do it.

We finally unbogged all the vehicles, tractors & truck at the farm after the extensive flooding in Dubbo in December.

Dubbo was declared a Natural disaster but it pales in comparison to the QLD & VIC floods. There is still a lot of fencing to be repaired and the rogue bull that belongs to a neighbour is still in my FIL's paddocks.

DH has been working feverishly , to close down our business and get rid of 16 yrs+ accumulated "cr@p" and relocate the remainder to the Central West or a nearby storage facility. I spent one day in the office, the only day the boys had back at preschool, so far . I filled 6 large boxes with years of accumulated paperwork & rubbish.I packed 6 boxes for storage and half sorted 2 x 4 drawer filing cabinets.It's still unfinished but requiring urgent completion. 

Relief arrived with the news that the Business who wants to rent our vacant land, where our business currently is, had received Council approval pending a huge list of conditions. It has been 8 long months waiting. It means we can go ahead with our plans to move.  

The Teen got a job, even though it is casual and temporary, it will give him some experience and money.

The Brothers' spend most of January paddling in a $49 blowup pool and chasing the kittehs around. Joel had two fillings last week (didn't I feel the guilt).He was a little champ and wasn't the least bit worried. His other teeth were all in good condition. The dentist marvelled at how cooperative and unfazed he was.

Sam was attacked by a swam of wasps the day before Australia day ( in our frequent absences they have taken up residence all over the front of our house) - including on the bridge of his nose under his glasses. My poor baby screamed but was okay after ice packs and cuddles.

Our three little kittens are now 6 week old mischievous bundles of fluff who have survived the heat and many squishy cuddles [and a slide down the slippery dip ;)]

We got to visit with some very special friends and we had a visit from other special bloggy friends.

I held an awesome giveaway.

I won a custom blog makeover from Sass... stay tuned

I almost had my BAHA review - only 9 months late.It was cancelled again after I trekked all the way into the city. My 1st Bone Anchored Hearing Aid followup assessment was March 2010 but when I got there it was cancelled because the hearing aid needed a very minor repair.Then we got busy with DH's cancer treatment. I forgot. The 2nd appointment was also cancelled after a long hot train hike into the city in early Jan - another minor repair, they posted it back and it's been nothing but a nightmare of loud noises and beeping. The appointment is now WED.

Today has been marked in the calendar for a while, it's DH's PET scan 6 months after the radiation therapy was completed and 8 months after the first PET scan.If you are the praying kind I'd appreciate a word with the man upstairs for a clear scan. 

We won't get any results till next week though when we see the Radiation oncologist /specialist. Of course we are positive , I'm married to an amazing, incredible, beautiful cancer survivor.No matter what...
Once you choose hope, anything's possible.  ~Christopher Reeve
Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark. ~ George Iles 

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Anonymous said...

gosh what a busy month you have had!!!!!

lots of hugs

Naturally Carol said...

Sounds like you're pushing through on all fronts...pray you'll have final victory with DH's cancer! {and with those ear pieces!}

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Hugs. Hoping its a less stressful year for you this year.

Beet said...

will put a prayer or two through here. hugs. What a month!

MissyBoo said...

Keeping the hope and faith here xoxox

Melissa said...

I love how through all that you are still able to be positive.

Cathy said...

wow, I've been away for so long and had no idea about your husband's diagnosis. Stupid, bloody cancer. Stay strong and maintain that hope. No matter what doctors say, two little things called faith and human spirit, have the ability to deliver miracles. Saying a prayer for you guys tonight xx

Maxabella said...

I read this post and didn't leave a comment as I was in a rush. I have been thinking 'clear, clear, clear' for you! Let us know how it goes soonest, Trish. I feel nothing but positive vibes about this. x

edenland said...

Trish! One day soon, I will get bloody organised and add beautiful blogs like yours to my blogroll.

Mate, GOOD LUCK FOR TOMORROWS RESULTS. I know how you feel. I know *exactly* how you feel .... it's so worrisome and anxiety-ridden, even if you tell yourself to be hopeful.

Hoping and praying hubby gets the all clear. I think he will. XOXOX

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