Friday, 21 January 2011

Grateful Saturday - Sam

This Saturday I am grateful again for my children.
The the light of my life & my happy place. I was feeling a lot of intense grief last week with the loss of so many children and mothers & fathers. I hugged them tighter and I read them more stories at night just because. I felt blessed.
I'm grateful for flowers.My Sam is so sweet.He spontaneously gave my Mum a flower today (but weedlike)...She said 'Thank you' and he said 'It's just a small one'. It breaks my heart to know that he faces many challenges in life because NF1 but he is so happy & cheerful at the smallest things. He gives me flowers too.

I am grateful for Sam's awe & wonder at the stars and moon ...most nights he wants to go check if the stars are out. One night he said 'Look, Mummy, look - the stars are multicoloured' as he awwed over them (was on the way home in the car at night). I wished I stopped driving to look.

Last year I wrote about how I was in awe of four and posted my interview with Joel twin#2.
I've finally got around to posting my Super Sam twin#1 because I kept losing his answers Id written down.

What Kids Say ?
What Sammy @ 4yrs , 4 months ...on the right drums says ...
What do you want to be when you grow up ?
How old is Grown up? 
How do you know when you are in love? 
you kiss somebody
How big is an elephant? 
bigger than mummy & daddy (thanks Sammy)
What's your favourite colour? 
Name something that is bigger than Australia
Bigger up in the sky
Where does dust come from? 
from the dirt
Who's the most famous person you know?Daddy 
Why do people go bald? 
got all his hair cut'ted off
How do we get rain? 
from the clouds 
What do you do to make yourself feel better when you're scared ?
 cuddle a friend
What comes next in this sentence ?
>You can't teach an old dog to ...
>If at first you don't away with the wind (breeze was blowing that day)
>Boys are ...I've had enough talkin !! and he ran away
>Girls are ...

>Boys like ..
>Girls like...Playing with ponies

Why do mummies yell ?

If you were an animal what would you be ?Lion
What is your favourite place?Farm
What won't you leave home without ?Me , Mummy & Daddy
(I borrowed this idea from the free local paper)

I'd be more GRATEFUL if someone wants to join in my Pay it forward .
I wasn't expecting a huge rush but to have no-one is very disheartening.

So, what's making you smile today?
... add your Grateful post below it's a blog hop .Please add a link back to Maxibella in your post. Blog hop to visit other bloggers who are spreading a little sunshine.

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