Sunday, 14 November 2010

What's your battle sign ?

Yesterday was World Kindness Day should be something we practice everyday.

Perhaps it could also read ...

Everyone you know or don't know is facing some kind of battle in their lives.
What if we all wore a sign to describe our battle. What would your sign read ? What is your battle ?

I saw this post tweeted first by Kim@allconsuming and RT'ed by others. It really made me stop, think & listen.

I know we are all busy but you should read this.
So if you please can you all just take three minutes to go and read this post Seeing past what it seems at Brave Girls Club:

How empathic are you to the to share
Or you just adhere to the attitude of "I'm glad it's not me" when you read such stories.

Lastly... even if I never know what your battle is - I hope you win, or at least enjoy the fight.
It is also definitely something to think about before getting annoyed at someone too. :)
I have to think about my sign *sigh*.

Sunday Citar! Tabitha @ FreshMommy.

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Ps here are some kindness activities for kids
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