Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Search and rescue

One of the tricky decisions we have to make as parents is how hard we let our kids play with 'their' toys .

Do we stiffle creativity & freedom to play and learn for the sake of keeping the toys new looking ?

Do we want toys to stay in pristine , almost brand new out/in of the box condition ? or be loved and well played with especially in the case of boys.

I am not talking about willful destruction of toys (think Sid in Toy story) but letting them get a bit dirty and well used outside.

At the farm the boys love to take Buzz & Woody on adventures. Woody once clean and pristine is now slightly dirty and scruffy looking. I laugh at the fun they have with him , role playing. They don't need any encouragement from me.

The rescues well ..."I know ... lets get a big stick and whack Woody down" if Buzz fails on his rescue mission.

See more play ideas at

Where do you stand ?

ETA - Since Woody is a Cowboy 'doll' I guess he qualifies as an inside toy than can be a taken outside toy.

PS I don't let them take the Duplo outside because it is so damn hard to clean the dirt off and out of all the holes.

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