Monday, 22 November 2010

Rural randomness

(I'm going back today to turn them the right way up ...11.18am 20/11/2010)

11.23am 20/11/2010 A 6yr tomboy 'girl' visitor.She was than my kids.

11.24am 20/11/2010

11.17am 20/11/2010 (inside the old shearing shed)
11.17am 20/11/2010

10.56am 20/11/2010
10.22am 20/11/2010 I can't wait till they can open & shut the gates by themselves LOL.
10.01am 20/11/201o (These are 0ur new Heifers the other cattle belong to my Fatherinlaw.We are just starting out :) )

11.11am 20/11/201010.54am 20/11/2010 (this little guy [& his mum] arrived Friday evening from cattle sales with a sore shoulder the agent got a discount because of his injury.It may have possibly happened on the way to the saleyards.
He wasn't looking good Saturday morning but he improved over the day.

11.05am 20/11/2010

2.38pm 20/11/2010

11.04am 20/11/2010
Just a little of what we did on the weekend at my almost 'home away from home' ...see more below.

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