Saturday, 20 November 2010

Grateful Saturday - Lost & found

  1. It is a beautiful , sunny & breezy Saturday morning , even if hubby woke up @5.30am and I heard him so I woke too. The cuppa in bed was worth it. (I might have to go buy a kite now I've been inspired by Maxabella.)

  2. For the kind words of support after my post on Neurofibromatosis. I'll keep you posted.

  3. We are immensely relieved that my husband's followup appointment with the Surgical Oncologist was good. No signs of tumour regrowth at the site and a PET scan is booked for February 1st.

  4. For lost & missing mobile phone. I discovered I left it at the Dr's surgery, it had fallen behind a chair on Tuesday.
    Wednesday, I searched everywhere at home ...ringing it ...well even though I last remember putting it on #Silent.
    Thursday I rang everywhere I'd been Tuesday afternoon .The Dr's surgery was engaged constantly from 9am, so I rang the chemist, Radiology/scan place, Bunnings...#nothing. The Dr's reception at the family practice found it in the room Thursday morning, (the room wasn't used Wednesday) but couldn't turn it on to see who owned it #FLAT .
    She wondered why no one had called and thought it must have been a child's toy #NOT.

  5. We went to a new residents night @ Old Dubbo Gaol. We haven't technically moved here but we will be.
    It was very interesting with free 'drinks' and nibbles and a great night tour of the Old Gaol. Our little guys especially Sam was the star of the night and had everyone in stitches playing along cheekily with the guard.

  6. A little Farmer's markets, cattle mustering & motorbike riding is on the agenda today so I'll pop back later.
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