Saturday, 23 October 2010

That's Freedom ...

Today I am grateful for so many things, well I am every day ;).
Maxabella ~says it's nice to pause to appreciate the things in your life that are positive and affirming, whatever they may be.

Today a nearby little village was celebrating their Bicentenary;two-hundredth anniversary of the naming of the town.The whole town was out in force (so was the RAAF with their Freedom of Entry marching parade yesterday).There was huge fair at the school , the local churches and everywhere there was a festival atmosphere.
  1. I'm grateful for the free kids activities the jumping castle,'Spiderman' (AKA Superman) face painting, plaster painting, balloons, pony rides and a baby animal petting zoo and free lollipops. My boys had a blast. The hay bale ride was a $2 donation; I didn't mind a bit.
  2. My roses are in full bloom except for the few I transplanted ...hoping they survive the ravaging ...they are my very special "Charlotte's" roses and my "Mother's love" !
  3. Smelling the best and the most fragrant of the red hybrid tea roses Mr Lincoln. They are beautiful, long stemmed roses; perfect for cut flowers and romantic red rose.Just finding time to stop and smell the roses calms my anxiety.
  4. My gorgeous little boys who say hello cheerfully to everyone and bring smiles all round.They mostly always get a positive reaction.Watching them run nekkid in the backyard when we got home and diving into the blowup pool with bike helmets on.(no photos because both camera batteries were flat and it was a sneaky way to get the red Spiderman face paint off without tears ...hubby was worried it would stain the new carpet)

  5. The caramel slice at the fair was yummy (choc topping was even ok after my 7 days without chocolate).I savouring some decent chocolate ...and grateful my 7 days is up.

  6. Imagining the free settlers 200yrs ago treading the grounds as I did today(& yesterday) and trying to grasp what their lives would have been like without running water, electricity, houses (even a roof), toilets, showers I'm grateful for all my modern conveniences.(I recently read the book The Secret River by Kate Grenville and it gave me some insight into the experience of early frontier & poineer life in NSW OMG scary stuff).I wonder what life will be like 200 yrs from now...

I'm joining in the Grateful Saturday blog hop please visit other bloggers...

I have photos to follow but 'whah" my batteries are still charging before I can upload them.
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