Monday, 22 March 2010

I just remembered

duct tape is great for hair removal and other acts of torture

... why my hubby won't let me use the duct tape on the kids !

Once upon a time hubby was a member of the sound & light production crew that set up the weekly services at the Church we attended. The use of duct tape (known also as gaffa tape) was popular and they had access to dozens of rolls .

On his buck's night DH's ingenius mates decided to wrap him in duct tape (probably stole it) .They bound his hands, legs (...onto bare skin) & clothes in it. They also covered him in egg & flour & ? .

Duct taping him to a tree in the local park too. After that (or before) they pushed him blindfolded, onto a train , skinning his shins when his leg slipped down between platform & train, pushed him off at another station, they tortured him with a heap of other mean acts ...including driving him around in the boot of a car. Finally , they dumped him, more ducted taped up, outside his mother's home , where he lived.

She of course was horrified ... when she ripped cut & peeled off the duct tape , she also took off a layer of skin and a large amount hair off his legs, backs of his hands etc ...seriously he was a mess. He was left with some very raw skin patches ....thankfully it wasn't the night before our wedding but a week before.

I don't think his 'mates' (mostly in their late teens & early 20's) realised what they did. He was a little shocked but never said too much about it ...

I thought it was very stupid and dangerous ... first I cried when I heard. ( It was so horrible he wouldn't tell me the entire truth least I go after them ...because I got very ANGRY).

He recovered enough to marry me the next week =) and I calmed down ;) .

PS On the subject of train stations. Yesterday I saw this at Kim's @All consuming and I think it's brilliant & fabulous so I'm sharing it too. I love this song. I was singing it all day.
Here is the NZ version it's great too !

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lightening said...

I SO didn't want my DH to have a buck's night before our wedding. :( guys can be just plain stupid sometimes. So many horror stories!!!

It's handy stuff though, duct tape.

Marta said...

Hi there! This is Marta, from Barcelona. I also liked the video (Sound of Music in Antwerpen, Belgium). Great minds think alike, ha, ha
If you want to see some other flash mobs, please, visit my blog, I guess you'll like them if you liked the one organized in Belgium.

flashmobs in Sydney:

flashmobs in Barcelona:

Happy Monday!

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