Monday, 8 February 2010


Last Friday night on Twitter the gorgeous ladies were making all sorts of confessions. It reminded me ...
  1. I have been trying to write a new blog post since last Thursday & Friday. I have a serious case of procrastination...careful it's contagious.

  2. We spent all weekend sorting , de-cluttering and packing in preparation for putting our house up for sale. I kept getting sidetracked reading old magazines ,newspapers & other stuff. The house still looks like a bomb went off.

  3. We have boxes everywhere and I have no idea where we had it all stashed before it got boxed. All the cupboards are still full.

  4. I am a hoarder, I have hundreds of old magazines, bits & pieces and stacks of papers. [My filing cabinet is jammed full too... I just don't throw much out.]

  5. About 16 years we moved I think I still have some of those boxes stored in an old garage at work (if the rats haven't destroyed it), 10 years later we moved again. I know we have lots of those boxes ...glassware & other wedding presents we have never used in 20 yrs. Then 5 yrs ago get the picture !

  6. My filing system is a huge # FAIL (see #4). I am not looking forward to finding all the receipts & stuff for our personal tax.

  7. Over the weekend we moved S & J, into separate bedrooms as they have huge car shaped beds. We got them second hand and they are different beds .They used to take up the whole room almost. Their room was cramped. I resisted my DH's suggestion we do it months ago ...He was right (please don't tell him) .It looks great and they love the new space to spread the toys even further =-D. It was more my anxiety about separating them as 'Twins' than actually doing it.

  8. In the process of de-cluttering & packing and I found a small white box. Curiosity got the better of me ... inside was 'OMG a year's supply (for me) of brand new unopened contact lens = $225 posted to me Dec 2007. (Ok , I was only out of pocket approx $12.50 due to my health rebate but what a waste.) Unfortunately. my prescription has changed .Though I obviously didn't need them I am so annoyed. [I will ring and see if I can donate them somewhere they are still in date till Oct 2010...well that's the plan.]

  9. I also found three old school primary readers of the Teen's ( He had them in about y4 ...only had them 6.5 yrs ...which means we moved them with us 5 .5 yrs ago.Of course , I am going to put them back in school's letterbox before we move again =)

  10. I watched the Black Saturday Anniversary special on ABC last night .The devastation and loss of life was unbelievable. Heart wrenching. I thought ...why do I need so many possessions. I wondered seriously why I can't live more simply (and cull all the does my DH)

  11. I tried a cheat's recipe for Easiyo Yoghurt to double my yield & make two jars from one packet = #MEGA FAIL .I tried to rescue it # 2 FAIL .Tipped the lot down the sink in the end. (Don't believe everything you Google and don't mess with the EASIYO ! )

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Super Sarah said...

Oh hon, you sound like you are having a week like I am, where everything is just annoying and frustrating! I hope you can see your way through the boxes and stuff and come out on the other side! Exciting for the boys to be in their own rooms. I am contemplating putting the girls into seperate rooms, if I could be bothered sorting the lifetime of laundry that is currently clogging up our spare room!

Missy Boo said...

*rubbing my crystal ball* I see a some cash coming your way, as you spend lots of time on ebay as you empty the boxes ;)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I hate sorting and de-cluttering.

Jayne said...

I use the Easiyo to make batches of yoghurt but not from the packet mix, works a treat and very yummy :)

Mary said...

LOL about the procrastination! I'm getting through a few things now that the kids are back in school. The mornings go so quickly...

Mum-me said...

I know how you feel - I live in a family of "pack rats" and sometimes it's claustrophobic. Occasionally I throw some of their things out .... and they don't even notice!!

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