Thursday, 5 November 2009

Days of Grace 25/365

  1. TUPPERWARE busy blocks that keep Small Fry BUSY.
  2. The Cool change
  3. Loose gold change from Dh's pockets
  4. Being able to laugh.
  5. Smiling my way through difficulties looking for the bright side ;)

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Super Sarah said...

And best you keep smiling! I am enjoying your joy in the little things, I am (trying) to post everyday so will see how I go, am currently buzzing with SO MANY ideas!

C said...

Love this post, Trish! xo

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Tupperware rocks.

Debbie said...

Where would we be without the ability to smile our way through?

Jayne said...

I lurve me some Tupperware toys!

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