Friday, 6 November 2009

A little monkey with a sore head

It's always a good idea when you are away from home to know where the local hospital is ...
We are at my FIL's farm just 20m mins from Dubbo.
My littliest monkey, Joel , decided it was a good idea to climb or swing from the shelves or stand on the chest of drawers. Whatever ...He was supposed to be having a rest.
I was in the other room with his brother and heard the blood curdling scream and thud.
I ran. Fast.
Joel was on the floor the chest of drawers tipped over.
While I was trying to calm him and see where he was injured I saw blood on the back of his shirt. A few drops , then the blood in his hair.
It didn't look too bad after we wiped the blood away but it is a 1.5cm gash at the back of his head.
A kiss can't fix that, though as a paed nurse I know how to care for head injuries.
About an hour before J fell out of the farm's 4WD onto gravel and slightly grazed his forehead
This morning he tumbled off the quad bike onto the grass wasn't going and was climbing on it. (We make sure they wear motorbike helmets when the bike is going.)
He was okay after both events.
I was worried when he was very drowsy in the car on the way to the hospital to get the gash checked by a DR.
Dh stayed at the farm because his father is due to arrive and it would take too long to lock up put the motorbikes away.
We've been triaged.
Now it's just a long wait to see the Dr
I hope they just glue it.
Thankfully , Joel's not drowsy anymore just bouncing around and falling off the seat !

Ps. Last night at bath time the boys discovered a little baby(?) frog in the bathtub ... first Sam tried to drown him in baby oil , then Joel says "I'm going to whack him " (his weapon ~ a face washer).
...little monsters. Dh rescued the little Freddo and let him go outside.
At least his pal Kermit didn't give me a surprise on the loo again.

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