Saturday, 3 October 2009

Bored ... Games and Monopoly

I was going through my google reader and came across this link in a post by Laura.

Interestingly , I learned how hidden maps in 'Monopoly' helped Prisoners of War 'get out of jail' during WWII.
So how did a simple board game end up in a position to help out one of the most powerful military forces on the planet? Silk and serendipity ...
The British secret service MI9 conspired with the UK licensee of Monopoly (Parker Bros.) to create special editions of the popular board game . Coincidently, they had just mastered the art of printing on silk.

The top secret escape kits included maps printed on silk, money, compasses, and other tools to help prisoners of war to flee from German war camps.The Silk maps being the key element. The German army had allowed humanitarian groups to distribute the 'innocent' game in care packages to the POWs.

Read the amazing story at Get Out of Jail Free: Monopoly's Hidden Maps

Gee, I haven't played Monopoly in ages might have to drag it out tonight and challenge my DH.
Monopoly has a new game online... Monopoly City Streets ! It uses google maps.
They say Board games are making a comeback too...along with Wii

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